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Within the theme “Environmentally-friendly financial” you may have red how to invest in renewable energy in different kind of ways. You may invest by participating in mutual funds, stocks or crowdfunding. The latter is made possible by Symbid. It is possible to invest in alternatives for a better (“greener”) world quite frequently, as recently in the food industry: Insect Europe. And this time, it is also possible to invest in the renewable energy-sector: Zelfstroom. (In English: self-sufficient with renewable energy.) [1] [2] [3]


If you participate in the project “Zelfstroom” you may, as the Dutch word describes it, invest in becoming self-sufficient when it concerns our power supply. This proces is being supported by renewable energy, especially solar energy. Zelfstroom is about:

  • Solar panels or charging stations, included with a “green” energy contract with prices at cost level (not obligatory)
  • The rent of solar panels or charging stations
  • Costs and revenues of solar panels included in one invoice for energy
  • 10 years of revenues of solar energy is guaranteed
  • Service for solar panels when you move to another address
  • Service for changing to other solar panels
  • Buy solar panels with the guarantee of the lowest price


If the Groene Dagobert would have to assess Zelfstroom, then it would have a good score, when it concerns the “Green” criteria as well as the “Dagobert” criteria. This is because it is expected that Zelfstroom would meet the following criteria:

  • a good return for our planet;
  • a good return on your investment; and
  • an important contribution to accelerating the renewable energy sector in The Netherlands..

Revenues to solar energy, revenues to exploitation of solar energy systems, revenues to charging stations and revenues to assembly work. These are all ways to collect more funds. So, if you expect a flourishing future for renewable energy and especially for solar energy, this will be a great opportunity to invest. Let the sun shine!


What is your opinion about the renewable energy project “Zelfstroom”? Is this the renewable energy dream of the future? Or do you have any other recommendations or comments, about this article, or about something else? Please insert your response below! (Below the Dutch words “Geef een reactie.”)


[1]  https://www.symbid.nl/ideas/6850-zelfstroom-het-eerste-nieuwe-energiebedrijf

[2]  https://www.symbid.nl/ideas/7130-zelfstroom-het-eerste-nieuwe-energiebedrijf-ronde-2

[3]     –   A B O U T   Z E L F S T R O O M   –
Zelfstroom is a new supplier of renewable energy which also sells solar panels. The company also rents out solar panels, provides in supply of energy and provides in charging stations. Zelfstroom is unique because it guarantees the lowest prices as well as a good and flexible service. It offers more than a regular supply of solar panels. However, Zelfstroom is also unique as the company has an important mission: reduce the supply of fossil fuels in The Netherlands (and to aim for the end of supply of fossil fuels). To speed up this process. Zelfstroom also assists private persons to self-generate energy and to reduce consumption of energy. This is the basis to provide all of our products. Affordable, easy and flexible to our customers. That is why, besides of buying solar panels, it is also possible to buy charging stations or to rent solar panels or charging stations. It is possible to rent with short term contracts and also for renting Zelfstroom guarantees the lowest prices. The goal of Zelfstroom is to stimulate that everyone works for a cleaner and “greener” Netherlands by self-generating energy or reducing consumption of energy. A cleaner environment which will also help generations in future. Zelfstroom contributes to a positive view on renewable energy and makes it enjoyable! Zelfstroom provides in all services by itself, from one-stop-shop to tenders and to assembly of our products including energy against cost price. No one is doing better. Private persons are very happy about that and that may be clear. Our customers assess our company with an average rate of 9.2 (from a scale of 1 to 10).

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