Green Money

Green Money

Below you will find websites of the Green Money-friends of De Groene Dagobert. You can buy a product or take a service, which will improve your own financial welfare and sometimes even in an environmentally-friendly way! In that case you may call it “Green Money”.


Dagobert pays close attention to his financial budget. An organization which is doing similar:
Budget Webhosting

Green stands for life (life in nature). Please enjoy a healty portion of vegetables and fruits from nature and also make yourself ‘greener’ (i.e. a better life!).
Book “50 Groene Smoothies in een Handomdraai” (in Dutch)

Besides of the fact that I am a great fan of a healthy diet, I also like to move with my legs! Sometimes I take the slow movement with my legs (i.e. walking), but also frequently the fast movement (i.e. running). I will write an article about running occasionally. You’re not familiar yet with running? In that case, please visit this website to find a book for starting runners (please scroll down on the webpage) :
Link to the book “Hardloopschema Tips voor beginners” (in Dutch)

Or maybe you are more like a “Dagobert” and not that “Green”? Or the opposite? You are a “Green” person but do not have a lot of money and you would like to become a “Dagobert”? In that case the following books might be interesting for you:
Book “Geld verdienen met opties (in Dutch)”
Book “Winstgevend beleggen met de Iron Condor Methode” (in Dutch)

Groene + Dagobert = De Groene Dagobert!
It would be even better to invest in a mix of “Green” and “Dagobert”. For instance, you can invest green by installing solar panels on the roof of your house or building. This is not only good for your financial welfare (as a long term investment!) but is also good for the environment. In my case I am an owner of a very small piece of a windmill and with the produced renewable energy I will have a reduction on my annually invoice for energy consumption.

You can invest in an environmentally-friendly way by reducing energy consumption. In this case the “Duurzame Energieshop” (“Duurzame” is the Dutch word for environmentally-friendly) would be interesting to visit:

banner duurzame energieshop
For solar panels you may visit:
Solar wijzer

Also very environmentally-friendly, but more in relation to daily (small) expenditures, is the “Duurzame Winkelcentrum” (“Winkelcentrum” is the Dutch word for shopping centre). For example, here you will find an ecological supermarket:

banner duurzame winkelcentrum


Does none of the products as mentioned above sound interesting to you? Then you could also just visit Shopping on the internet is already cheap of itself (Dagobert) and environmentally-friendly (Groene).


This website is currently being translated. Please note that most pages are still only available in Dutch.

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