On this page you will find internet links to articles.* These articles are interesting for De Groene Dagobert. The articles may also be updates on what’s new which De Groene Dagobert would like to share with other people.

Renewable energy

Within this theme you will find articles about topics like solar panels and wind energy. For example, the articles deal about ways to produce energy by yourself in an environmentally-friendly way. The articles are also about reducing energy consumption at home. These actions will result in a double advantage: there is only little spending on the one side and it will be good for the environment on the other side. To summarise, you will find all articles here about renewable energy!

Environmentally-friendly transport

Within this theme you will find articles about environmentally-friendly transport. For example it refers to hybrid or electric cars. Or any other ways to transport yourself in an environmentally-friendly way.

Environmentally-friendly financial

This theme is exactly what De Groene Dagobert is about! Within this theme you will find articles about investing your money in a way which is environmentally-friendly.

Environment versus Dagobert

Within the theme “Environmentally-friendly financial” the environment (“Groene”) and the “Dagobert” will work together. However, within the theme “Environmentally versus Dagobert” the environment and Dagobert are competing each other. The articles which you will find here, are frequently dealing about economic growth on the one side and the importance of a green world on the other side.

Environmentally-friendly enjoying life

Within this theme you will find articles which will help you to enjoy life in an environmentally-friendly way. For example you will find articles about healthy and naturally food or about some exercises in the nature outside (woods, beach, etc.). While the theme “Environmentally-friendly financial” is about the Dagobert who is earning money, the Dagobert in this theme is about the spendings. Only little spending …. and enjoying life in an environmentally-friendly way at the same time!


Within this theme you can find articles about recycling. Recycling waste, recycling of food, recycling of water, it may relate to all kinds of recycling.

Other articles from De Groene Dagobert

In case an article cannot be allocated to one of the above-mentioned themes, De Groene Dagobert will publish an article within this theme.



* These articles are written by the author as a person. Additionally, the articles mainly consist of thoughts, ideas and opinions, which cannot be discussed during a process. Before acting on the basis of an article, it might be recommended in some cases to ask for a professional advice.


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