Waste Market

As the name describes it, the Waste Market (Dutch word: “AfvalMarkt”) is a market for demand and supply of waste. At first, waste is part of the category “supply”, as waste is something you would rather like to get rid off than that you would like to buy it. After you have dumped you waste, it may end in the environment, or it may not. Anyway, waste is something which is important to the “Dagobert”-people as well as to the “Green”-people. For the “Dagobert”-people, it is the challenge to clean up the waste as cheap as possible. For the “Green”-people, the environment is very important. So, how do we combine “Dagobert” and “Green” in this respect?

On the Dutch website deAfvalMarkt.nl you may take notice of six different kind of solutions for cleaning up waste. The first way and best way is prevention, as in case of prevention, there will be no waste at all.

In order from most environmentally-friendly to least environmentally-friendly the following is applicable (please visit http://deafvalmarkt.nl/nl/waarom-de-afvalmarkt) :

Prevention, reuse, recycling, energy, burning, dumping.

For more information, please visit http://deafvalmarkt.nl/nl/hoe-het-werkt, where is described how it works and were the mission of “de AfvalMarkt” is explained.

Last but not least …. you can view the partners of “de AfvalMarkt” (sometimes “green” organisations) by clicking the following link:

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