GS-Recycling is, as the name describes it, a recycling company. It is a young company at the market for waste in The Netherlands. The key business of this recycling company is the collection and processing of waste from industry and the automotive industry and its main focus is on the collection and processing of waste oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel residues. In performing these activities the service to the client and an environmentally-friendly processing of waste are of high importance. This and also more information you may find by visiting the website (


The recycling company has a mission which is in line of the mission of The Green Dagobert. Within the theme “Environmentally-friendly transport” you will find various articles about ways of transport with only little pollution. However, as these vehicles also consume coolant, brake fluid, etcetera, it is a good thing to keep an eye on recycling. Recycling is a theme which will always be in the spotlights.

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