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De Groene Dagobert wants to improve his brand awareness. Do you also have a website or do you have friends who own a website, who would also like to improve their brand awareness? Or do you have something else which De Groene Dagobert may promote? For example a facebook page of a forum post? In that case, please insert a link to the website of De Groene Dagobert and in return De Groene Dagobert will insert a link to your website or page! Please inform me by sending an e-mail to

In case you are or become a good friend of De Groene Dagobert, he will even publish a separate web page on his website where he will promote your product or service. An example of the promoting which De Groene Dagobert will do for you if you also promote him, you will find by clicking this link:


Groene & Dagobert commercials

Which kind of websites can promote De Groene Dagobert? All! It does not have to be Groene Dagobert for 100%. Some examples:

–  A website about a healthy diet. This content does not have anything to do (i.e. 0% match) with ‘Dagobert’ (i.e. money). However, it does have a small match with the environment. That’s because a healthy diet is often composed of natural food, sometimes biological. In order to produce good biological food we have to care about the environment (reference is made to the theme “Environmentally-friendly enjoying life”).

–  A website about investing. If it is not about “green” investing, the website does not have anything to do (i.e. 0% match) with ‘Groene’ (the environment), but it does have a significant match with ‘Dagobert’ (i.e. money). If, nevertheless, the website also promotes for a green way of investing, then you will have a double return on your investment: return for yourself and return for our planet (please visit the theme “Environmentally-friendly financial”).

–  A website about vacations. This does not have any match (i.e. 0%) with ‘Groene’ and also not with ‘Dagobert’. However, if a reference is made on that website to an article on the website of De Groene Dagobert, for instance an article about an environmentally way of flying (please visit the theme “Environmentally-friendly-transport”), then this will definitely be a good commercial and in return, De Groene Dagobert will also promote your product or service!


To summarize, please do not hesitate any longer and if you have a good idea, just send an e-mail to !


The following organizations are already participating in De Groene Dagobert’s “Commercials for commercials” cooperation:

Waste Market



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