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De Groene Dagobert (in English: “The Green Dagobert”) is a Dutch website about “green” money. As the words describe it, it is about the combination of the word “green” and the cartoon character Uncle Dagobert. This uncle is well known because of the money he owns (a lot!) and his miserliness. The word “green” has many different definitions. For the purpose of this website it is about nature and the environment, but also the economic vision is taken into account. In some cases economics are conflicting with the environment, but there are also cases in which economics and environment are complementing each other. That is what this website is about. On the one side, it is about the activities which you may perform as an individual to have a good financial welfare, by saving money and by investing (the Dagobert factor!). On the other side, it is about acting “green” and helping our planet in many other different ways (the “Green” factor!). This website is about stimulating you to combine these activities. For example, on this website you will find articles about making environmentally-focused economic decisions, articles about saving money in an environmentally-friendly way (sometimes the article includes an idea which stimulates both your financial welfare as well as the environment) and occasionally you will find an article with a financial content, for example about “green” investing. Also, you will find articles about how to act as a Groene Dagobert (environmentally-friendly and with only little spending) to enjoy life. And all of this in a way which significantly contributes to a better world!

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Green activities?
On this website of De Groene Dagobert you can read articles about many “green” ideas. You may transfer these “green” ideas into “green” acts. Or maybe you do not have enough time for that, but if you do have the money for it, the theme “Environmentally-friendly financial” might be something interesting for you. Or, do you have to earn the money at first and are you looking for a job? In that case, please visit one of these websites:

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This website is currently being translated. Please note that most pages are still only available in Dutch.

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