On this page you will find e-books. Handmade by De Groene Dagobert!



In this e-book (only in Dutch available) De Groene Dagobert describes his experiences about how to make running an enjoyable sport to do. How you can make it “adventurous”. In the e-book you will start reading about running tours in the nature of The Netherlands. The next chapters of the e-book will tell you about nature-running tours abroad. After reading this book you will have a good picture of where and when you can enjoy the (environment of) your running tour.

This e-book is published by De Groene Dagobert. While we are working for a “greener” world, we sometimes also have to enjoy the lovely nature around us. That is what De Groene Dagobert is doing with his running tours. That is why De Groene Dagobert has written this e-book.

Please click this link to view the e-book:

E-book “Avontuurlijk hardlopen”


This website is currently being translated. Please note that most pages are still only available in Dutch.

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