About De Groene Dagobert (“The Green Dagobert”)

“De Groene Dagobert” is the nickname which I, the author of this website, gave to myself. The mix of money (“Dagobert”) and the environment (“Groene”) is something which is really interesting me. On the one side I am only little spending and I do not need much for comfort. I enjoy things in life like nature in which I preferably like to spend my time sporting, like running, walking or cycling (= “Groene”). On the other side, there is something which is really interesting me, which you cannot find outdoors: numbers. And when you think about numbers, you also frequently think about money (= Dagobert). When I was a young kid, I was not only playing outdoors (when I became older: cycling; and a couple of year later also running). I also liked to calculate things (mental calculations). A couple of year later, at high school, the technical subjects at school had my main interest. Additionally, I took economics and when I left high school and went to university where I studied economics and fiscal economics.

But that’s not the whole story …. When I was a student, I was a member of a student association in finance (investing). Despite of the fact that my interest for sporting in nature and my interest for numbers and money were completely separated, it started to mix with each other as from now on. At the student association in finance we met every weak for a dine and while eating we were talking about the stock market. Every student participated for only a small amount, but with all funds together we had enough money to invest on the stock market. Around the same time in my life I started to invest in green funds and micro credits. I was thinking: if I would not make much profits with my investments (the AEX, the Amsterdam Exchange Index, did not have a good performance), then I was at least doing something good for our planet with my money. Around the same time I also had college at university about economic decisions of governments on the one side (macro economics) and economic decisions of individuals on the other side (micro economics). I learned theories which, if you think about it, could also applied for finding solutions for a “greener” world. Sometimes one of my articles will be about that, about the mix of economics and the environment! However, a Dagobert is not only interested in earning and investing money, but also in his talent to save as much money as possible. In this case it concerns a Green Dagobert and therefore, you may also expect an article about minimalism occasionally. This is also “green” (low “footprint”). For all themes on this website you may definitely expect this: the “green” factor will certainly not be ignored! 🙂

To summarise, I want to combine my interest for a healthy living style in and with the nature (sporting and besides also a healthy diet) with my interest for finance topics like the economy, investing and taxes. That’s what The Green Dagobert is all about!

This website is currently being translated. Please note that most pages are still only available in Dutch.

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