Vuilraaptroep (Association for cleaning up litter)

The activity for which De Groene Dagobert is cleaning up litter together with about 30 other volunteers has taken place in the Haagse Bos (woods of The Hague). On Saturday March 22nd 2014. The team of volunteers was walking along paths, through meadows, through the forest and along ditches. By doing this, the Groene Dagobert and many other people became witnesses of …. a lot of things of which people are entertaining their self with in the woods!

For example, the collection consisted of the following waste:
Cigarettes, beer cans, energy drink cans, bottles, candy packings, a condom, other plastics, polystyrene, glass and …. even a sleeping bag! (Perhaps a stray wanderer?)

If you would also like to clean the environment by cleaning up litter, combined with some sporting and some social contacts, then please visit the website of Vuilraaptroep:


Don’t you live in the neighbourhood of The Hague? Then please visit the website “ikprikmee”:


Please click HERE if you would like to return to the main webpage where you can find the various activities which will be organised.

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