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Green Luck stands for enjoying in nature. This is something which De Groene Dagobert likes to do. A good friend from university of De Groene Dagobert has made a website about the combination of Luck and the economy. This is something which really complies to the mission of De Groene Dagobert. That’s because you can enjoy spending time in nature and that makes you happy. And additionally, as a Dagobert you usually also deal with the economy.

His website:

And this is not where the story ends ….

His is also having a website about the Happy Planet Index, the Happy Planet Platform:

On that website the Happy Planet Index will be explained, why it is important and also how to work on your HPI-index. You can also do a survey in order to determine your HPI-index. So, I would say, please take the survey and get to know your score on happy feelings (“Happy”) and on the environment (“Planet”). You may never know, maybe you are also a Groene Dagobert! A happy one in that case … 😉

De Groene Dagobert, who made the test already, had a good score: 83.3.

What is your score? Take the survey! And please share your results below (by placing a comment, the “Geef een reactie”-area).

This website is currently being translated. Please note that most pages are still only available in Dutch.

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