Thesis 56

juni 9, 2019 De Groene Dagobert Stellingen

Thesis 56:

Limiting births is the best solution against climate change.


In Stelling 55 you could read about one of the violent consequences of climate change. Namely hurricanes. This is just one of many. Since this thesis has been placed, some time is elapsed and during that time it has become increasingly clear that major measures must now be taken to limit the climate impact.

In the meantime, we have realised that it will cost a lot of money. And who is going to pay for it? The taxpayer, or can we invoice the bill to large multinationals such as Shell? But what will they do, pass on the costs to the consumer, or still receive money from the government, which is in fact passing it on to the taxpayer?

Perhaps then we should not concern ourselves with who is going to pay the bill for the climate, but instead, we should concern ourselves with how we can reduce the total amount of the bill. No more eating of meat, no more driving a car, no more flying, no longer heating the house and preferably no longer buying anything that is not second-hand? Also don’t actually buy an electric car, because in order to fabricate an electric car, many raw materials are needed that ultimately also come from nature and the materials are exhausting.

Some of the above-mentioned measures, although different for each individual, can be accomplished in whole or in part without too much trouble. For example, I am a flexitarian because not always eating meat, but instead occasionally, results in experiencing it as tastier as you get less used to it. And I cycle a lot, because I prefer to arrive at my work with a fresh mind instead of having a feeling that you have not had fresh air for a long time, after an hour of annoying yourself in a traffic jam. But I fly a lot, because I am regularly on a secondment for work that I enjoy. For others, the considerations can be different. For example, less flying, but more driving because that person is enjoying his or her music or audio book in the car. He or she will then opt for other measures to still contribute to the environment in a small or bigger proportion.

And even if you really take all possible measures to combat climate change, you still cannot prevent any impact. Because the fact that you breathe already causes CO2 emissions! So, don’t breathe anymore? I have not seen a political party yet which has that point of view. But as with many: prevention is better than cure (although with this form of “cure” you should put as many assassins as possible into the world). Then let’s look at the prevention. Although the idea is probably also not politically correct (yet), nor it is known to many people, the prevention-factor is carefully starting now. I am talking about limiting the number of births. See source below. [1]

Why should we increase the number of our species, the Homo Sapiens, which is not yet threatened with extinction (unless we let climate change go too fast… ..), while we might already be talking about a plague when the current number of people would apply to other species? As I write it now, it is certainly not politically correct (but so be it :-)), although … all those national anti-immigration parties that have recently won a lot of popularity are already actually speaking about a plague of people. A plague of Homo Sapiens coming from the countries of south of Europe and from south of the United States. However, did we cause this migration flow by ourselves? Namely because those countries are the first to become unlivable due to climate change? After all, they have less money to protect themselves with dikes, measures against drought, etc.

On the other hand, most children are born in those countries. Therefore, is it their own fault that they have low prosperity? That they have to feed too many mouths? However, you can also argue with that. After all, it follows from the source below (as referred to above) that a child from the developed countries has a much greater impact when it comes to climate change compared to a child from development countries.

Well, enough for now. Time for the thesis. Give your opinion!:

Limiting births is the best solution against climate change.


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