Stelling 14

augustus 24, 2013 De Groene Dagobert Stellingen

Stelling 14:

Het visverbod bij windmolens*** is overdreven. Eventuele gevaren moeten de vissers zelf maar inschatten. De windmolens zijn duurzaam (“Groene”) en de visverkoop is goed voor de economie (“Dagobert”). Stel dat men de vis dan ook nog duurzaam gaat vangen –> helemaal top!

*** Bron: “Nederlanders negeren visverbod bij windmolens”:


Eens of oneens ?

Wat vind jij en waarom? Is het vissen echt gevaarlijk en het visverbod daarom wel terecht? Plaats hieronder een reactie!

2 Responses to “Stelling 14”

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  • Francisco schreef:

    With the industrial revituloon of the late middle ages a lot of mills were built througout Western Europe. In surrounding countries watermills were more prevalent, but although the Netherlands have many streams and rivers, height differences were usually not sufficient to power the typical watermolen. Wind however, passed over this flat country unhindered. As a consequence, windmills sprouted up all over the landscape.A mill, of course, is just a power source. They can be used to saw planks, manufacture paper from wood or textile pulp, grind grains, hammer steel, and also to move water. Windmills are found all over many shapes and sizes. Typical for the Netherlands are the rows of windmills that were build to empty the polders and for watermanagement. Today the water is managed entirely with electrical mills, although a few steam mills remain as funtioning museums and as a back up. (Both the pumps and the steam engines are sophisticated and reliable, they only switched powersources for economical reasons. In fact, in the conversion, many steam mills simply changed their power source.)Kinderdijk is an international monument. De mills on de Zaanse Schans, may be monuments individually, but they were brought together from many places, they weren`t build there.

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